sega cd not loading

I have a model 1 gen and a sega cd.When i first booted it up it would get as far as the opening screen for the any game then freeze and keep loading.Then i opened it up and blew the dust out of the inside.Now when it boots up,it trys to load a game and when it does it resests back to the splash screen.It can barely load regular cds.Can anyone help me with this?
dirty lens, most likely. try to clean it, with a cleaning cd or a q-tip with a very small amount of soapy water, then wipe it dry with another.
Well i tried a cd cleaner and it is now able to read the games and get to the sonic loading screen.But it still does not load them fully,would this have to do with the speed i burn at?
Well it's acting up again.I have a feeling that the laser has warn out.Would this explain the long load time and it not being able to read cds?By the way the sega cd i am useing has not been used for 5 or 4 years.
It shouldn't matter how long you haven't used your scd...Your laser will not wear out (that is unless you are/were a super scd freak and played it for 10 hours straight, left it on overnight and then picked it up the next day...and after that, only if you did this continuously) My feeling is that you didn't clean the lens enough, or that you haven't let it dry fully before playing. Be sure not to scratch the lens when cleaning. Try using the original cd's to judge if it worked or not before using the cdrs.

Most over the counter cd-r's work fine, but some games have a nasty time of loading. My Terminator backup does lock, but the original doesn't . Same w/ Jurassic Park and Road Avenger. Also, sometimes if the unit has been moved, the ribbon cable that connects the laser to the board gets "loose" . Try re-seating it as well... Or, your laser is shot ..
well i think the laser is shot.I also must confess that the sytem was sitting in a garage dusty and unused,as my sega cd is actully my friends he is not sure as he remembers that it worked when he used it.My feeling is certain that the laser warn out.If anyone has a good price on a sega cd wether be model 1 or 2 please let me know and e-mail me as i badly want to play it on the actuall system instead of emulation.I most certainly appreciate your help.
my system has a tiny loading problem also try setting it up like a PS2 system after you put the cd in and shut the tray turn it off stand it up and turn it on let the cd load then either set it back down or leave it at a slight 75 degree angle, it should work much better for you until you go inside it and fix the motor that moves up and down the laser part, its probally just clogged dirt, plus use a DiscWasher wet cleaning system on it plus run a demagnetizer on it (its on the discwasher cd) and all should be AOK!!