Sega CD ripping

I have some new SCD games, and I thought I might try EAC + the lame codec (using the r3mix spec), the same way I do with my audio CDs.

Can the vbr mp3s cause any problems for someone wanting to burn, or running in good sync in Gens? I thought I had read where an older version of CDRWin didn't handle them too well, but maybe that's changed.

I'd heard constant 192kbps is a standard of sorts, but just curious.

Thanks for readin
I don't think the emulators support VBR at all, if that's what you plan on using.

as for burning, there can be problems, yeah.. cause it can't calculate the actual length of the track on the cd with VBR.
I'll stick with constant 192 then. I do very little audio CD burning as opposed to ripping, so I wanted to make sure I do things right.

I appreciate the info Arakon, thanks!
Use VBR, you can always convert the mp3s to wav files in order to burn.

And which version of lame do you have?
It's too late, I've already started with ripping... I don't want to go back and redo 8 audio rips! *lol* I plan on uploading to some servers soon, I'd rather go for compability since a lot of people seem to be using emulators to run them.

On LAME: I always use the latest stable build, so it would be v3.91. I get them from