Sega CD Transfer Cable on EXT port?

I have a Sega CD on order, and I'd like to use a Transfer cable to dump the BIOS and load my (legally obtained) virtual library.

However, I would prefer not to use the second controller port to do this, is it possible to use the EXT port on the back of my model 1 Genesis instead?

Perhaps I can use a gender-changer or change the pinout to use a serial extension cable? I've read that the ports are the same, but my technical knowledge is limited and I don't want to damage anything.
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As far as I know the dumper works specifically on the controller port. You'll have to ask Mask of Destiny about using the EXT port, he wrote the app (almost 20 years ago!!!!). Just because the port is the same type does not mean that they are wired the same, or more importantly, how the hardware communicates with them.

And why not use the controller port? Dumping the BIOS is a one time job, you can just dump it and then connect back your controllers.
Thanks, I'll ask him.

The reason I'd like to use the EXT port is in case I load any multiplayer games.

Further research suggests that I may not be able to load any games larger than Sonic 1 though. Perhaps now there's a way to load larger ones, or play directly from a networked directory?

I could use an everdrive or a similar device, but I'd prefer not to. :p