Sega cd?


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Should i go onto ebay and spend 80 of my hard-earned dollars on a sega cd and genesis system? I gave my genesis away to my little cousin when i was 8 (mom made me) and i wish i still had it. I am only considering buying one if i can burn games and play them with no mod board. So can i and is it worth it?
I hope it comes with some games or something. $80 is a bit much for just a system. I only paid about $70 for a SCD, Genesis 2, and 7 or 8 games. That included shipping as well. But it's totally worth it. Copied games are a little harder to find now, but there's probably people out there willing to trade and such. I got mine around the time SX was in full swing with all its images.


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i got my genesis/scd/32x combo about the time Playstation first came out for $100 with 17 games (give or take, i dont remember exactly). I dont even know if that was a good deal for the time, but i have never regretted it. A few people have scoffed when i mentioned owning the system, but oh well, they have never played snatcher or lots of the other cool games.
$80 is really expensive. At used shops around here they go for around $30 with a Genesis. No games come with it though.

Back up games are not easy to find but not exactly hard either. If you have Direct Connect go to after 4 PM and you'll be able to find a few. There are also FTPs that have SCD games as well.