SEGA desktop themes....

Pearl Jammzz

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I had an idea a few days ago and I thought I should post it. SEGA related desktop themes. I want sum BAD, and not sum crappy ones, sum cool kickass ones w/ sweet screensavers and shit. If noone has any maybe we can have members of the community start making them, and maybe teach dumbass ppl like me how to make em. but anyways, that's my idea, anyone have any thoughts or SEGA related Desktop themes?

PS. If u guys have nintendo related ones, then still post em so we can get em over to NX. NX needs sum more's kinda sad :'(. Maybe a NX banner at the top of the main page......
radiant silvergun's got a pretty good windows desktop in the extras folder. personally though i like the pilot bmp form thunderforce 5. screensavers are useless. sonic icons can be found fairly easily
cool, gunna have to bust out radiant silvergun and check that out. yeah screensavers are kinda useless but sum are cool to watch, or the ones that u can play games on, hehe.