Sega Fan website, anyone?

Who's got a website relating to Sega systems or games?

I have created a website which features a lot around my FTP. I hope to add some reviews of SegaCD games with other peoples feedback and opinions.

Would anyone like to help out at all? All I'd like to do, with you fine people's permission of course, is to take a quote or small review from people who have played the games I own, and then I can add your quote/review to the individual games pages I have created. This would give people some kind of idea what these games are like. (I downlaoded a lot of games I had never heard of, simply because I didn't have a clue!) Even simple words such as RPG, scrolling shooter, FMV action, etc, gives the reader a much better idea of what the games are like. An age range (12+, 15+, etc), a genre, companies (Digital Pictures, Sony Imagesoft, etc)... anything that anyone wanted to add would be greatly appreciated.

The reason I asked if anyone has a website is so, with their permission, I could link to it, so there are more opinions and information for the reader to check out.

What do you think, fellow SegaXtreme members?

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