Sega Gen/CD AV ?

I'm wondering if anyone knows of someone who makes either an s-video cable or pc monitor output for the genesis. I have a jam!box, but the gen only has the RF output.

Any ideas ? Right now, i use the unit thru an ATI tv card .. Sol-Feace looks more like Sol-Feces !
s-video isn't available in the genesis normally, it can only be added via an extra circuit, and only to the later model 2 and 3's.

pc monitor is impossible without an expensive scandoubler.

you can use the Jam! box via the AV cables of the genesis, but don't expect great results.
Go to your local swap meat/Flea market & get a multi-sync monitor like a NEC 3D and solder the correct wire from there you'll get the ultimate picture. RGB way better that SVHS on any model Genny