Sega Light Gun

Any opinions on which light gun is the best for the DC? I wanted to use my stunner, but it won't work with the Total Control 3. Are there any other adapters it might work with? I had initially heard pretty crappy reviews regarding the domestic guns, so I haven't purchased any gun titles yet, but I'm planning on getting some now. I'm assuming any guns will work with Virtua Cop 2 on the Smash Pack as well. Anyone confirm/deny?
Well I cant confirm that DC guns will work with that game, but if you don't trust the domestic DC guns, why not just import one?
ive seen a review from about Confidential Mission (a kick ass light gun game by sega), the US release of the game does NOT apparently work with the Sega official light gun (which was only released in japan) meaning if you import the official Sega light gun (which is the undisputed BEST of the dreamcast light guns) you will only be able to play House of the Dead 2 and that cheap Virtua cop 2 re-release (or Death Crimson OX if your crazy enough to buy that, but im not sure if that game supports it either)

go to cuz they got reviews of the 2 major US 3rd party light guns, finding 1 in a store though would be next to impossible :(
the us version doesnt work with the europe sega gun either

i got a madcatz one when i brought the european one, and thats been a good gun overall, same goes for the offical sega one sold with HOTD 2
Mad Catz is the best for House of the Dead 2. I don't have Confidentional Mission, but I played it without a gun, and it's a piss off and makes the game awful.
I got a pair of the madcatz lightguns from the local software etc. here in Hoboken NJ, and they're working great w/ all the light gun games. The only problem is calibrating them every now and then...but at least I don't have to play w/ the controller.

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