Sega Megadrive 1 NTSC/PAL mod.

Hello, in order to play import games with my MegaCD II, I've modded my Megadrive according to this doc :

But it doesn't work (I wouldn't write this if it would... ??? ). I think I must have misunderstood something, so I hope somebody will be able to help me.

Here is what I've done : I've solder JP-1 and JP-2 togheter, and then solder a wire from this. Same thing for JP-3 and JP-4. Then I've solder a wire on each point opposite to JP-1 to 4(named C,D,E and F). I've solder the wires from A(JP-3 and 4), C and D to a switch, so I can switch between A-C and A-D. I've did the same for B(JP-1 and 2) with an other swith to make B-E or B-F available.

But when I switch my Megadrive on, If I switch on the position Pal (A-D) and/or English (B-F), the console doesn't power on. I must switch to A-C and/or B-E or nothing at all, and then the console powers on. But when the switch are on A-D and B-F, the console should be in Japanese NTSC, but it itsn't, the display is still 50hz, and the CDs I've tried (or cartriges) play normally, I don't get any country error code (which I should normally have if I've well understood).

So where did I do wrong ? Maybe should I mod the MegaCD too ? Or maybe someone have a link with a step-by-step method ?

you don't solder any jumpers together. you are shorting out the system.

to simplify it: cut JP2 and JP4 if needed, and solder an on/off switch between each point.
[EDIT] I've found were I did wrong : I didn't see that C was connected to JP3 and E to JP2 because of the paint who was covering. Now the switchs work fine. But I've another problem : when I switch the console with the MegaCD II plugged in, and with NTSC and/or Japanese settings, I get this error message : "ERROR ! THIS A PAL/SECAM COMPATIBLE MEGACD, IT WILL NOT OPERATE IN NTSC REGIONS", so I guess I have to mod the MegaCD too, anyone knows how ? ? ?
Originally posted by Link Hylia@Aug. 06 2002, 3:19 am

says you don't need to mod the sega CD

I know, I've made the mod according to this doc. But the console disagree, what else can I say ? But on the other hand, I've been reading posts telling you need to use special cartridges (CDX, right ?) or Multibios from Arakon to use other country CDs. So where is the truth ? ?

Just a final word to prevent someone to tell me to convert games to other country, I want to use import games, not backups.
your stuck then, its either a cdx (which doesnt work with every game) copy and patch the games (which doesnt always work either but usually does) or fit a multibios (that would work every time)

if you just wanted to play games at 60hz you boot the mega cd up in 50hz, then switch after its booted up
Too bad... I bought about 30 cheap japanese MegaCD games, that's why I made the mod. I don't want to make a backup of all, so I think I will look for Multibios, anyone have more info about this ?

By the way, I think SX staff should change the description of the 50/60 hz Megadrive mod. It tells you can play CD from any country, which is wrong... it should avoid people making holes in their consoles...
Please change it...

But the mod was intersting to do anyway, I don't I can say I've wasted my time, it doesn't do what I was expecting, that's all.
Well, it doesn't actually say you can play CDs from any country. It says you can use a CD *system* from any country, and play games (meaning cartridge games) from any country. It could do with some clarification, though.

You're right, as I've been reading the doc with an idea in mind, I've understood what I wanted to.

But maybe it should more clear, for the dumbass like me.