Sega MegaDrive/Genesis backup unit

Ah, good day!

I've been toying around with this nice backup unit I received sometime ago

It's a very nice unit indeed!

Has LPT hook-up (PC or a external storage device)

Supports mostly anything...

Has 24mbits of ram...

Floppy drive...

Great condition... Works as a Master system -> Genesis/Megadrive converter (does not play cards)

For some reason, I can't dump Genesis/Megadrive games with it... they aren't recognized, but accourding to the guy I got it from, it could play SMS games by slotting them in (I guess, as sms roms doesn't load)

Anyway, I'm just curious about what this baby is worth...

(Incase I ever decide to get rid of it... not very likely... but it's atleast good to know