Sega Megadrive II Board VA1.8 PAL 50/60Hz Switch


I already done my megadrive I with a 50/60 hz switch and a japan/uk switch.

Now i can't find any decent info and pictures on how to perform this on my Megadrive II

Megadrive II VA1.8 PAL pcb board

So if anybody canhelp me on decent info and maybe some pictures (sharp)

ok i've done the 50/60 hz switch with succes

Soldered 1 point of JP3 to the middle leg of the switch

Soldered the other point of JP3 to the left leg of the switch

Works perfect.

Now, The JAPAN/US Switch

I've lifted pin 107 from the board and connected it to the middle pin af a switch

The left leg of the switch i soldered to the LEFT side of JP3

The Right leg of the switch i soldered to the RIGHT side of JP3

(Assuming that 1 point is +5V and the other point is Ground)

This doesn't work out.

Now my Megadrive is in JAPAN Country mode and running fine the games in 50/60hz.

BUT Games Like "Street Fighter II" and a few others refuses to run now, cayse my MD2 isn't pal anymore

Any Help ???

Should i just solder 1 leg of the switch to the outer end of the copper that runs from pin 107 (like on the page stated) or ..... or can anyone tell me where to find a ground point to solder to ???

Anyway Hope i get this fixed