SEGA Saturn 25th Anniversary Game Competition


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Here is my entry : Project Z-Treme

Sans titre.pngunknown (1).pngunknown.pngSans titre2.pngSans titre4.pngSans titre5.png

Edit : btw thanks to Corvusdeux and Ponut64 for the 3d weapon models!


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Hi all

This is my "game" in this competition. I wish I could have done more, but I didn't have more time.

In this case, it's not a complete game, but is part of the game that I'm doing. It is based on an isometric action-adventure game. Its current name is Blood Stigma but it's possible to change it.


I have worked a lot on the mechanics and game logic. Besides, all the sprites and designs are made by me, so the time involved in development has been reduced as well.

So, I hope that at least the work is appreciated and that you like what I've done.

It's tried and tested at SSF and Yabause. I haven't been able to test it on the real hardware because I'm moving and don't have access to my console right now, so I hope everything works fine.

PD: The iso file hasn't been patchet for Pseudo Saturn Kai.

Thanks a lot and good luck to everyone!


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Here's my entry: Rossies Classic

This is a port of a game I made on PC last year. It's a simple gallery shooter game. The plot is you're stopping aliens disguised as delinquents from turning the world into a giant cigarette for their 100-yearly tradition.

I tried my best, but feel it's not very well put together, nor is it really finished, just enough to enter here. It was hard, but it was fun! Now that I know how to do 3D at Jo, I'd love to have a go at it again!

Here's the source code if you want to know how badly this was put together. :p

Start - Skip slides/pause
A - Advance Slide/Shoot
B - Restart game

There are also various cheats you can do, but what would be the fun in telling you how to do them? :p

Game works fine on Mednafen, struggles a bit on Yabause.

I hope this work on real hardware without any problems.

EDIT: Had to update to make the top text more readable and add cheats.


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In this demo, you can run, jump, slide through rings or gates at (hopefully) high speed in time to get through them all.
You can also collect some joose. For no reason.

Explicitly, the game is inspired by my years playing the TRIBES franchise.
Astute observers will note my demo has no jetpack or even a double jump. That kinda sucks; the fundamentals of movement are less fun with no air control.
The levels in the demo also suck. This is a game that needs huge levels, just like TRIBES (though here, less huge).
I had no time to make a binary format for the object data, so I read it straight from my intended source material instead (a good testing step): a 24bpp TGA.
Unfortunately, the scratch buffer is only 64kb and this cut the maximum map size in half.

In future I want to support even bigger maps than 255x255. Multiple 255x255 maps stitched together ! ... Or something like that.

The demo uses PCM sound and music. The game loads data asynchronously, but the open/close process for files will inject bad frames.
The asynchronous file access is not really needed for as much as it is being used for. It would be faster to load all the models and sound up-front for sure.
So you have to run around a bit while all the models and sounds load.

D-PAD: Camera-relative movement on the ground. In the air and when sliding, it will influence your velocity relative to the camera. Use it constantly!
A: Turn left
B: Look down
C: Turn right // Think of ABCY as WADS. Arrow key arrangement. To be honest looking up and down is hardly neccessary.
X: ? //So I admit this controls configuration is going to be very confusing at first.
Y: Look up
Z: ?
L: Slide. You can't win without using this!
R: Jump. You also can't win without using this, but you knew that.

START: Reset player. If you are in the air when you reset, you will be brought to the center.

Also, in the top left is a framegraph. At a glance you can see how the past 66 frames have performed by how high the red bars are. A flat line is ideal.

Real hardware is recommended. A display that supports interlaced video is required.
Mednafen/Bizhawk are acceptable, and closely represent the final experience, but still have higher input lag and apparently inconsistent end-user frame delivery.
Other emulators are not recommended. Please don't use them.


Demo download link: bielscringo

/e: Full source (includes compiler environment): full_proj_123119
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To celebrate the 25th birthday of the SEGA Saturn, I am holding an extended game competition.

The competition will start on August 15th, 2019, when the winner of the poll will be chosen as the theme of the competition. Final disc images should be uploaded and/or linked to this thread by November 15th, 2019 January 1st, 2020 (TIME EXTENDED.)

Original Game Category:

The winner of the competition will be decided by poll over a week of play testing by the community and announced on November 22nd, 2019 (the Saturn's birthday.) Prizes will be awarded as below:
  1. $25
  2. $10
  3. $5
  4. Emerald Nova will spend at least a few hours making art assets for your game, within his ability.

Hacks, Patches, and Translations Category:

Creado para proyectos que toman otros juegos completos y los modifican con características adicionales o cambios para transformarlos, o al menos ponerlos a disposición de un público más amplio. El ganador será decidido por una encuesta separada de la Categoría de juego original y competirá por la eterna admiración de la comunidad Sega Xtreme.


¡El tema votado es High Fantasy & Magic!
View attachment 4834

¡Sigue revisando este hilo en busca de anuncios!
Hola me gustaría participar mi juego se llama "Mazinger Z". No estoy en casa, descargue el ISO del sitio web oficial. Hay fotos, videos, manuales, fuentes en C ++ y binarios para reproducir. START | mazinger
Submission Type: Translation Patch <Sakura Wars>
My submission is the English translation patch for Sakura Wars. This was released to the public on December 15th 2019. The patch can be downloaded here.

trekkiesunite118 also helped with this by adding in subtitles to all of the movies, patching the minigames, patching the intro logo, and helping me figure out how vdp2 images are rendered & stored.

Github Repository:

Some of the tech work I have documented here. There is a lot missing, but I plan to eventually put it all up.

What was Patched?
Story dialog
Battle dialog
Battle menus
System menus
Added subtitles to movies(!)
Load Screens
Bootup screen

The only thing that wasn't patched were the end credits.











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Forsaken Plane V0.0.1

Dungeon Crawling 2D RPG. Controls are on screen and largely self explanatory. Inventory switches weapons between Small Blade, Large Blade, Bow, Long Arm, and Fist. Right now there is only one spell available as a memorized spell: Heal.



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Ok everyone, I'll be streaming the entries on January 1 at 6 PM EST (11 PM UTC.) It'll be on the Satiator, so some streaming audio issues may occur (Sorry NoahSteam.) If your game for some reason won't work at all on my Saturn, I'll just play it in Mednafen. Please have your entries in at least 10 minutes before the stream so I can load them up.


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Here's one of my submissions:

Sega Ages - I Love Mickey Mouse/I Love Donald Duck English Translation Patch

This patch will translate the Saturn ports of Castle of Illusion and Quackshot to English. I've tested it against the rip on redump as well as the one on Emuparadise so it should work on that as well as personal rips of the game as long as you follow the patch instructions.

I did not have a chance to fully play through both games, so some crashes may happen.





Known issuses:
  • Title Screen is not translated
  • Game Select screen is not translated.
  • Castle of Illusion does not always use the exact same font as the Genesis version.


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And here's my other submission:

Grandia English Patch version 0.7.0:

Forgot to mention that if it weren't for the work of Nanash1, this wouldn't have been possible. A big thanks to him on his work figuring out the compression used.

This will translate all the battle menus and text into English:




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last entry for me, target was a medieval map, i didn't notice model wasn't recompiled, now i could do something but it's too late.
Just play with A,B,C.
It runs without sbl/sgl/jo
Hmmm, so what did you use? Libyaul?


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Also these are just for fun, but here are some Cinepak Demos I've encoded and put together:

Videos include the following:
  • Bad Apple!
  • Final Fantasy VIII Intro
  • Tales of Symphonia Intro
  • Carnival Phantasm OP
  • Sailor Venus Henshin (I made this when I was looking into the possibility of swapping video files in the Sailor Moon Fighting Game.)
The playback code is from the the Dezaemon 2 Save Game Manager Vol. 2. I'm not sure if the code was stuff they wrote or if it's using Sega's Playback code.
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I only found and started Saturn development a few days ago, but I been playing all of the projects posted here. Seriously, I have something good to say about each game. I am very excited to join a possible 2020 competition and see what I can create, and for others to show what is possible. Be proud, everyone.


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@EmeraldNova, thank you for reviewing my game on stream. I have some fixes in trunk (slinga-homebrew/Twelve-Snakes) which I never got around to completing before the end of the contest deadline. I fixed the score (you hit "Z" which cleared the score, then you hit start to display the score) and I'm in the middle of adding some new game modes. And thank you for the good laugh regarding the number of players.



Proof 12 Snakes is 12 player: