Sega saturn memory problem

I have recently bought a sega saturn from a mom a pops store. after bringing the system home and playing a game for awile i noticed, after playing and saving the game, i am able to quit to the title screen and load the save up again. but after turning the power off to the console and turning it back on. it loads up to the time and date menu in the sega saturn configuration start up, i was wondering if buying a ram cart would fix this, or if its a more internal problem. please someone get back to me, so i dont have to leave my saturn on 24/7 to be able to beat a game

thank u
You have to change the CR 2032 baterry of your saturn. That's all. I have the same problem, this time I didn't lost many saves since I put all saves on my memory card
thx man. now how would i go about doing that? and where would i be able to find a CR 2032 baterry? thx for the help.

p.s. sorry to admins. i posted this twice in two different spots. i didnt bother to scroll down to see the different console forum section. it wont happen again.
nm, i found out how to do it. thx though.

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Kinda stupid question: can you change almost discharged CR2032 on new one without losing saves?

yes by changing the battery whereas the Saturn is on.

Supposed to be shock-hazardous, but isn't.