Sega Saturn Mod Chip

I bought a Sega Saturn Mod chip from GO CYBER SHOP, but it turn out the chip was defective. I ended up killing my Saturn out of it.

Has anyone here bought from them, and if so did the chip worked on your system?

I now want to buy two mod chips for two Saturns that I just bought, but I want to try a place that has had a reputation for selling working mod chips. Any suggestions? Thanks!!

The mod ended up killing your Saturn? Ouch...

Definately go with Gamegizmo if you have a '64 pin' Saturn.

If you have a '32 pin' Saturn Lik-Sang and Lan-Kwei mods seem to work fine.
I would think you installed it wrong is all....... a defective chip doesn't destroy the staurn, bad soldering does.
speaking of gamegizmo, where have they gone to? does anyone know where they got their mod boards from? i need to know because maybe, just maybe the mod board will work with the saturn i have.