Sega saturn


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I was tired of feeling left out when everyone on this site was praising the Saturn. I needed to see what the fuss was about.


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A friend of mine while stoned/drunk out of his mind told me of this glorius system which made reality suck, I then bought one for 20 bucks, best purchase of my life.


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One can tell the NEW saturn user vs old =P We paied over 100$ for ours and LOVED to pay 60$ for NIGHTS and that COOL controller!!


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i remember forking out 400 bucks for meh original beast served me well till my dumb ass cousin went and spilt coke on it while it was turned on.
so now i am reduced to finding some ebay jalopy and a mod chip for it. i don't use meh originals ne-more.


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The reason why working designs didn't make lunar (and other working design titles for saturn) was that the relationship between sega and working designs soured...

I don't remember the specifics but it was on some webpage that talked about sega's history in depth.

Basically after that fiasco, Working Designs never did a game for sega even on DC unfortunately

I got my saturn from my friend who gave it to me in exchange for some anime.

I've always wanted one when it came out but the 399.99 retail price kinda kept me away from it for awhile.

I use my saturn to play japanese import shooters and arcade games mostly... i even play it more than my dreamcast or psx...



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why get saturn for anything but nights and mr bones? i have yet to get mr bones, but i remember my friend had it and it rocked. so i got mine for those two games.


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Well, I got mine because I wanted to get a b-day present for my friend, and after going on the Funcoland website I stumbled across the Saturn. So I got it and a couple of games and an extra controller and stuff. When it was delivered, I decided to try it out just to make sure it worked right. Popped in Nights, and I was completely blown away. So I kept the Saturn, gave my friend my Genesis, and the rest is history. I just
me Saturn. And me Dreamcast for that matter.


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Um no...WD CHANGED from Sega to PSX because it could do MORE then what they planned for Saturn, Thats why it took 2 more years to remake it! You can STILL find Jap copies of Saturn version but compair it to the PSX it just had more it could do then the Saturn could (Faster and better graphics)

Nothing about sega. Just needed where they can make there games "goto 11" =P


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Sorry to say, but Kyosuke75 was right. Working Designs got totally mad at Sega for (if I remember correctly) giving them a small display booth at E3 in 1997 (a real small out of the way spot). Then Victor Ireland made all kinds of harsh criticisms that he placed on the newsgroups where he trashed Sega and Saturn and also proclaimed that Lunar would be Psx only and that he would discontinue all support for the Saturn after Magic Knight Rayearth and be Playsttion Exclusive. Remember Working Designs doen't make their own games, they just publish what they can license so obviously he knew Gamearts and Kodakawa Shoten were publing Lunar for the Playstation that is why he was so bold in his declarations. The fact that Lunar has bigger anime screens does not make it a better looking game than the Saturn. They are too similar playwise to say such a thing. Also Saturn had the MPEG version which would give that particular version the edge in terms of movies and it was relaesed between the original release and the Playstion release. Just my $0.02.


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After discovering this site and bringing new life to my Sega CD, I rediscovered something I had heard much about, but had long forgotten.

Radiant Silvergun.

Now, let's face it, "Radiant Silvergun" is just one of the niftiest names for a game around. And seeing as how copies of it were going for well over $100 USD, I decided I had to find out what all the fuss was about.

A friend of mine borrowed a modded Saturn from her cousin. While I was at her place, I downloaded a copy of Radiant Silvergun from one of the FTPs here. I didn't know quite what to expect from it, but suffice to say, it's easily one of the best, if not the best shoot 'em up I've ever played.

I've been hunting around for a Saturn ever since and I managed to get a friend to sell his to me two days ago. I'm having a lot of fun with it and I'm now on the hunt for accessories, etc for it. I'm even cleaning up its case as I post/browse.


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Well I bought mine for two reasons:

1. Because I bought, buy and will possibly buy every new console from this wonderfull company called SEGA.

2. Back at 1994 I was hoping on a Shining Force 2 sequel and I wasn't wrong (Shining the Holy Ark & Shining Force 3,[scenarios & Premium Disc]).


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I bought mine cos i sold one when the dremacast was released so i could buy a dreamcast, then missed playing all those wonderfull games on the saturn so had to buy another one. The main game i wanted to play again was Shining Force 3 as it is most definatly the best RPG in the world ever and it kicks Final Fantasy all over the place i love SF3. Also many other games were amazing like Nights, Sega Rally kept me playing forever and so many more.


I bought mine when Genesis and SCD weren't enough for me.

I wanted SFA2, Daytona, and VF2 and Nights really bad too.

Got mine off eBay for $30 with some of the bundled games


Originally posted by Random Hajile@May 08 2002, 1:22 pm

I remember getting a Sega Visions magazine in the mail shortly after I purchased my 32X, It was a all black glossy cover with the Saturn logo on it. I read about this new system and decided it looked really cool, but looking at the "release" titles, It really lacked anything to make me want to pick it up right away, especially so soon after I bought a 32X.
Dude! I remember that magazine. I think that was the last Sega Visions magazine.

I signed up for it (free trial subscription) after I got my Genesis and I got that as my first issue.

Unfortuanately it was also my last issue. I never heard if there was more. I just kept looking in my mailbox waiting for the next issue. I waited a while


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i collect systems, and got seriously interested in the saturn in particular because a friend's aunt had had it back in its heydey, and i could remember a lot of hours. i finally scooped one last fall, for $50 canadian, and it came with a bunch of games, and the steering wheel. took it home, plugged it in, got hooked. what can i say?