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In late 1995 I had recieved 2free issues of Next Generation magazine. Already owning a Genesis and 32X, I was more than ready to purchase a Saturn. And after reading an interview with with one of the gaming gods himself, Yu Suzuki, and proceeding to drool over the screens of VF2 I was further drawn in to the Sega world. My parents weren't about to fork out 300bux for a Saturn though, but they managed to find one in a JC Penney warehouse for 150 because some fool didn't pick it up, his loss, my gain. I used to actually go to Wal-Mart and watch the videos of Saturn games, I watched every clip at least 100times. And as sad as that sounds, it's all true.


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well, as a collector I'm eventually gonna buy every system around so the Saturn is no exception, although it was quite high on my list for a long time...

I was intending to buy mine for devving on it and playing some cool games like Sega Rally and Radiant Silvergun (that name sounds good indeed), but the thought never materialized till recently.

I was in about the only rare videogames store within 150 miles and I saw it sitting on a shelf, boxed in mint condition. I bought it for 65e with one game (that's actually cheap here in holland). Too bad it turned out to be the 20-pin version :-(


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I bought mine on July 2, 1995 in Japan; this was my 20th birthday while in the Air Force. I picked up Japanese copies of Daedalus, Daytona, and Panzer Dragoon for the system after playing it at the Nagasakiya store (Basically a Japanese Wal-Mart, but a lot cooler) for an hour; I love that game!! I got the pack in of Virtua Fighter Remix for good measure as well and then headed to some of the used game shops to pick up a second controller. I headed back to the dorm on base and played it all night 'till 4am the next morning with my friends. Awesome memories and I still have that same Saturn to this day and works like a charm!
I bought mines of a friend who was in some 'finantial trouble' (and old woman from the Salvation Army had given him money to go abroad with his Salvation Army band and he spent it and he spent it on beer
) So I said I'd buy his Saturn as he didn't really play it any more. What a nice guy I am.


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I bought mine about a month ago. I used to have one before but I sold it long ago since I had played all the games I had then pretty much to death, and there weren't any others for sale around here.

But that was before I had internet and thus no access to ebay etc and FTP's and filesharing apps

So now it's my no. 1 console again, I even put OOT on hold to play PDS. The only other console I still use daily besides my Saturn is my DC to play King of Fighters 98


I got mine because my friend told me his playstation owned. Then I showed him NiGHTS, and Shining Force 3, and Mr.Bone,s and many more...and then he shut up. :