Sega sonic action pack (pc)

I think about a year ago Costco was selling copies of the Sega Sonic Action Pack compilation for like $10-$15. It included the PC versions of Sonic R, Sonic CD, and the Sonic & Knuckles Collection (Sonic 3, Sonic & Knuckles, Sonic 3 & Knuckles). Anyone else manage to grab it?

Anyway, my question is what are the benefits of these console to PC conversions, and is the PC version any different than the console one?

I would think that benefits would include superior 3D in Sonic R (I haven't seen saturn's Sonic R tho, so I really can't say for sure) and faster load times for Sonic CD (If you have a faster CD-ROM drive). Would there be anything beneficial to Sonic & Knuckles being on the PC? Actually, didn't Sega just use KGen or some other emu on the genesis to PC conversions?

Oh oh! Another question

Where can one find manuals for the game online? the guys that distributed it went offline, well actually they're now but they don't cover their sega software anymore. If they're on the CDs my bad, haven't checked, I just saw the games by my comp and decided to ask
(No CD-ROM drive at the comp I'm on lol)
Beware, as the games may not work on anything other than Win95. At least Sonic R refuses to run on W2K.
My Sonic R works in WinXP pro, so I think it's a Win2k prob...

The games are the same (just about) as their console cousins (Sonic R has D3D accelerated GFX, which is nice
) and the rest are the same)

Yeah, the manuals are on the disc (My Sonic R is non-budget, so can't comment but my Sega Worldwide Soccer has it on the disc in .pdf format)
I have sonic r on the pc (thank god i do too, my saturn version is scratched and my saturn broken
) the manual in expert software is usually on the disk itself (a pdf file i think) and the pc version of it supports 1 to 4 players (online too!) supports d3d (max res of 640*480) although you get this choice every time you start the program (a bit anoying) the graphics are pretty poor (minmum requirement of a 133mhz cpu)