Shenmue 2 and PSO Xbox exclusives.

Well, I have no plans of buying an X-Box, really.

Shenmue 2 is coming out in Europe for DC..I will definitely import that (I got a modded system..)

I just have to find a quick solution to viewing PAL games and I'll be playing that masterpiece on the system it was meant for :)
It's on DC in Japan and Europe. It is XBox exclusive in the USA.

Sega's loss. I was *planning* on BUYING the game, but now it looks like I'll have to get a regionless version of it through unmentionable means. And I'm sure that many other US players who would have spent good money on the game are now going resort to illegal means to play it on their US systems. (Hey, mod-chips are illegal too, ya know...)
I'm impoting the title. FOR SURE! I'm saddened that the DC won't be seeing this title here in the States but I'm happy that finally AM2 and Sonic Team has shown Xbox support.

It's really bittersweet, you know?
The way I see it, here are the pros and cons for US version of Shenmue II being exclusive on the XBox:

  • Shenmue II is on a more powerful system, so expect to see better graphics and more complex AI
  • 1 or 2 disc instead of 4 discs, less swapping
  • faster read, less load times?
  • English voices since this IS the US version
  • Wait another year, let alone Japan and Europe gets it before North America
  • Have to buy a new console, spend more money than necessary
  • Uncertainty if it will sell well, given the long delay
  • Betrayal
  • Betrayal
  • more Betrayal
Feel free to add to the list of pros and cons.
i highly doubt sega will make a PSO version just for the Xbox, cuz they already said PSO v2 is coming out for Gamecube, Xbox and PC (with a ps2 version almost garanteed when sony gets their online plans moving)

PSO is coming for every system out there, maybe a new version (PSO v3? or maybe they will actually make a PSO 2!) will come out for Xbox after all the other versions do but who knows
Sega is becoming...scratch that, sega has been idiots for many, many years. This is their dying days as I see it, now that they are not making games for their own systems, and instead of going out with a bang like they did the saturn, their going to kill the dreamcast upright, and leave its fans high and dry. Segas games have always been good, but their marketing moves have always been stupid and like bewtrayles to their fans. This is what I could nevewr figure out about them: Why do they always release good games in japan, and then never in the USA, the biggest games market on the face of the earth, ex: Radiant Silvergun, Shenmue 2, Dragon Force 2, and many others exclusive to japan. When will they break this chain of betrayal to all of us here in the states?


A very depresed sega fan :(
Quote: from CrazyTaxi on 4:43 pm on Oct. 12, 2001

What's this about PSO for X-box only? I thought it was being developed for GC...and both Ver 1 and 2 are out for DC....

take another look....nowhere does it say PSO is an exclusive, just Shenmue II :)
how could they make pso exclusive?

its already released on DC

maybe the Xbox version will have some "extras", and the extras would be exclusive (like RE: code veronica and RE: code veronica X (dc & ps2 incase you didnt know)) as RE:CV was dc exclusive originally
Yea, they said it was going to be a DC exclusive before simply because they thought it would never be able to be ported over to the PS2. Seeing as how the PS2 has virtualy no VRAM for a next gen console, especialy compaired to the DC, they ended up making compensations for it with the PS2's extra mhz.
PSO is NOT an XBox exclusive. It is available for Dreamcast and is in development for GameCube, PC and XBox. No word yet if players from one platform can interact online with players from another platform.

You can always check the latest PSO news and info at
Well, maybe they will make Shenmue 2 exclusive to the XBOX only here in america. If they do, then instead of us looking at other countries and what they got and wishing we had it, they are going to be wishing they had the improved version of the game :)