Shenmue 2 and PSO Xbox exclusives.

Perhaps. I suppose it depends on how improved it is. I didn't go looking at DOA II Hardcore for the PS2 and go pining over that black box. The differences were there, but minor.

Now if AM2 takes the same approach that Sonic Team is taking with PSO for the GameCube then Shenmue II will be astounding.
Adding nothing to a a) very sad and b) outdated post...

In October's edition of Game Informer in 'the bad' they mentioned the cancellation of Shenmue 2 for the DC. Yet in November's issue they ran a full page ad for Shenmue 2, for the DC (under Sega-AM2) to be released 12.04.2001. A mistake?
Sure sounds like it to me, eather that or sega was thinking about retracting their claim to not bring the DC version to the USA.
Yeah, I loved Sega and I always have, it's about all that I have owned! I owned Sega Genisis, then Dreamcast. But, I guess this is the end of Dreamcast. DC is trying their best to get the good games out, but fucking Nintendo and Microsoft cant get their hands out of Sega's contracts! So, of course, with X Box and GameCube having more potential and money, they go to them. Just a piss off, but we have to move on!
Move on? Naw, I think ill pass on that. I own about 15 systems, not all of them being sega obviously. But their are deffinetly a LOT of good games for the systems I already own that I have not played. Im going to end up buying a PS2 if they bring Xenosaga over to the states, and im almost certain on buying an XBOX because I must have the next Panzer Dragoon, nintendos new gamecube looks nice to, but doesn't have anything worth buying it for alone yet. I figure I will stay with my current systems for a couple more months, then my dad or uncle will probly buy me a PS2 for Christmass. But moving on is not necessary.
Wow, you have a lot of systems. Maybe when I get older, I will have that many, but right now, I am happy with my system. My next system will either be X Box or PS2.No GameCube shit to me. I suppose "Moving On" is the wrong choice of words. More of "Dont expect anything great from Sega Dreamcast"
Well, seeing as how you own so few systems as compared to me, I ust suggest two for you to eventualy get: The Sega Satur, and the SNES (yes, nintendo has been morons for a long time now, but the SNES is a testament to what they can do when they put they minds to it). The Saturn has a lot of great games that you would probly like from catagorys such as stratagy (ex: Dragon Force), RPG (ex: Panzer Dragoon Saga), space ship shooter (ex: Radiant Silvergun), and lots of others. You can get one new for about $30-$40 on ebay if you don't mind buying online. Oh, and if you have a CD burner you might want to try out some emus for other systems on your DC such as Nester DC. It lets you play NES games on your Dreamcast.
Well, I have been looking into Sega Saturn and I believe that I will be buying that. I know that GameCube, and Nintendo 64 are crap, and I will never own it. Thank you for that. You must be like 30 or something, or you are a very rich teenager. ;)