Shenmue II X-Box Cover


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What was wrong with the look of the cover from the Euro DC case??? First of all I hate it when they try to take computerized character and make them look more realistic on the covers (like Crazy Taxi on DC) -- but this is hideous.

I'd be ashamed to pick this game up if you judged it by its cover.

Don't they ever do audience research on these things????
HOLEY SHIT! I LOVE SHENMUE i imported both ahead of schedule just to play them the day they came out... and they rule... but oh my god if i never imported shenmue 2 from europe and waited till the xbox version came out... this would definately turn me away from it. ok ryo looks to be in his mid to late 30's. also, what's up with the trenchcoat? it's not a trenchcoat it's a brown lether jacket. Really, does he LOOK 17? God this sucks wang...
Originally posted by segasonic@Aug. 21 2002, 11:43 am

Worst box art I've seen since the US versions of Street Fighter II.

those are what came to my mine too ---- weird
He took a trip to Hawaii, got a good tan and got run over by the ugly truck on his way back.

He just looks seriously PISSED off.

Guess I would be pretty mad if someone killed my dad. Then again, maybe not

I'd be more mad if someone killed Skank and I'd probably be so pissed off that I look like that. Then again, I'll never be that tan.... Thank goodness I don't plan on buying an Xbox and I'll make sure to warn everyone away from that game who's never played because they'll be disappointed in seeing a pre-pubescent Ryo in the game vs. AngryPissedOffYouKilledMyDaddyAndIGotATan Ryo.

I wonder if they used an older voice actor.
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I wonder if they used an older voice actor.

Like who? Sylvester Stallone?

I think they might've kept Cory Marshall as the voice of Ryo.[/b][/quote]

Arnold Schwarzzenwhatever would be a good choice.

His career is failing.. this might give it a boost.

A Japanese character with an Austrian (is that right?) accent!
The Box art is pretty badass. Well... Ryo looks a bit to macho/pissed off, but it's still pretty cool.

BTW, is that Segata Sanshirou's actor at the bottom of the VA list?
My wife and I saw the box for XBox's DOA3 and we both thought the guy on the box looked like a Ryo rippoff. That would have been a better pic that this crap. This box looks so cheap and cheesy -- make me sick really.
did the u.s version of shenmue 2 have english speaking voices or were they japanese?in u.k we had japanese.wish they had used the same actors as the first game

and also what about the xbox version,japanese or english?
the us version of shenmue had english actors and the xbox shenmue 2 will have a choice to have english or japanese voices.
Originally posted by Gallstaff@Aug. 21 2002, 9:39 pm

the us version of shenmue had english actors and the xbox shenmue 2 will have a choice to have english or japanese voices.

cool.think i might just buy an xbox to play shenmue 2 in english.

i loved shenmue 2 on dc.its just i thought it would of been better in english,with the same actors as the first game.

oh well i guess they was maybe trying to save money by not translating it.