Shining Force CD MP3 files not playing

I have the Shining Force CD ISO and MP3 files, which I am using to play the game in Gens (latest version).

The game works fine, but the MP3s just won't play in game, I can get them to play via Winamp etc so they are working ok.

They are named like this:


and continue until file number 35

Do I need to convert them to Wav, or to change the file names in some way in order to get music to play?

The only other game I have is Snatcher which works perfectly using ISO and MP3 files in Gens, so hopefully this problem is fixable,

Thanks for any help

You should email me if its a GENS issue =p Also this is covered IN the gens txt file =p


swcd 02.mp3

swcd 03.mp3