Shining Force III and Suikoden II

Never thought I'd say this but I'm growing away from RPGs! So these are the first 2 to go...Looking for cash, unless you have a MVS board you're willing to part with.

US Shining Force III for Sega Saturn

US Suikoden II for Playstation

Both games have scratches but play fine!

I have respectable feedback on ebay. If you would like to see it just ask.

Asking $70 for Shining Force III. Suikoden II is on ebay here . I prefer money orders...add $2.50 if you plan on sending through PayPal.

Edit: Just noticed my SF III has no I took off 10 bucks.

Edit #2: Suikoden II visits ebay.
Lowered prices
That is the lowered price...but if interested, pm me and we can work something out. Otherwise they go to ebay tonight