Shining Force nights...

I remembered old times when last Sunday I played SFCD on my SegaCD (MegaCD on Spain).

I was playing that game all the summer of 1995, sometimes when my brother, sometimes with friends.

Ahhh... the fuckin' bird was the better character that I ever had
Hi I´m also Spanish:

Shining Force CD is one of the best games that I have played. If you like this one try Shining Force 2 of megadrive, it is great.
Creo que ya viene ese en el de MegaCD o... ¿era el de Game Gear?

*I think that one was included on SFCD or was the one from Game Gear?*
Shining Force CD contains two games based on game gear titles and there is also a hidden third game (I think) but the shining force series in megadrive is different.
Yeah!!! In shining force cd there are no towns designed to roam(this could have been fixed since the game was already released on GG). Try out the two Shining Forces on Mega Drive and if you liked Shining the holy Ark try Shining in the Darkness too.
well, i agree this is the best RPG series created for the Sega Consoles , but i was a little dissapointed that the action in the CD version was little too straight. yo don't walk like on the Genesis version, just battles and battles...

a little bored i was:)