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Originally posted by Jaded God@Jun 1, 2003 @ 12:34 PM

The Crow for sure
Which Crow are you talking about? Crow the City of Angels or Crows the Battle Action for the Sega Saturn. Both are pretty bad imho.


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Originally posted by SegaSquad@May 31, 2003 @ 10:07 PM

Im gonna have to add tempest 2000 to the shat list. It is just horrible.
Well, it isn't as good as the Jaguar version, but it's still excellent IMO.

Tony Skyrunner

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Death Crimson, Death Crimson and Death Crimson. I'd like to own the original
I know Battle Monsters may seem horrible at first, but once you've played it for some minutes it's an interesting game. It's so cheesy it's funny

Also, Doraemon, Final Fight Revenge, Batman Forever and Lupin are really bad, I used to torture my friends with them. Croc could've been a good game but the controls are
And what's wrong with Tomb Raider? It thought it was an impressive game when it came out

E Nice

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Batman Forever could have been alright but the characters skate around so bad. Some backgrounds were kinda nice and but gameplay made it kinda dull at the same time. The only real intersting part was the last level area where the room spins around.


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Doom on Saturn is a disgrace for 32 bit consoles.......the SNES version had better framerate!!! I wonder where all the power of 2 hitachi RISC processors went to!!!!



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graphics-wise I'd go for Tomb Raider... never seen such grainyness

Considering gameplay I don't have a clue, as I only intend to buy good games (TR was an exception as I paid 1e, but it's gameplay isn't that bad)
its funny to note that the game was originally being made on the saturn then they decided to also make a psx version. you'd think the saturn version would be better. [/b][/quote]

The Saturn version had a better framerate than the psx version. But the psx version has cleaner graphics.


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Originally posted by fivefeet8@Jun 12, 2003 @ 02:39 AM

The Saturn version had a better framerate than the psx version...
Are you sure about that? I thought the frame rate on the Saturn version wasn't very good. On the 3rd level, at the area where you face the t-rex, the frame rate gets really bad. Is the PSX version worse than that?