Sick of fake codes

I am so sick of fake codes. I am playing Aero Dancing right now. Every code I have found does not work. I have searched numerous sites.

Does it matter that I am playing an import version. The codes are supposedly for both. Here's what I have learned: Any code that says "Unlock everything" is just plain fake. Anyone know of a dependable source for info?
Often codes do not work between regions. I don't know why this is the case, but it seems to happen a lot. Just more of a reason to play the game for real.
gamefaqs is the site I went to first. They are great for reviews, but the codes never seem to work. Sometimes some games are just too hard to appreciate now that we are working adults. I just want to unlock everything and have fun! I am such a cheater.
maybeu just suck at doin codes jeff......hehe. I thought I had sum bogous codes for Sonic1 but they were just hard as fuk to debug menues and stuff. Most ppl dont know about it but I bought this code book in like 92ish and it has em in it....thought for yrs they were fake...until I got em to work