Silhouette Mirage

Hey Guys,

I'm thinking about getting Silhouette Mirage, since I like Treasure games. But I don't know which system to get it for. I heard the Saturn version looks better, but is it all in Japanese? I need help deciding. Thanks.
I've had both, the Saturn version is a little more polished but there isn't a great deal of difference. I enjoyed the PSX one too. Yeah, the Saturn one is all in Japanese, but it's not too hard to work out, my PSX version was also Japanese - I wasn't aware it had been translated! Did Working Designs do the translation?
Yes, I think WD did do a English translation for the PSX. So you think it's worth getting Silhouette Mirage for the Saturn? I mean, it's a shooter, how hard can it be to figure out?
Yeah, I'd recommend it, it's not difficult to work out what's going on.
Yeah get the PSX version it may be a plaform shooter but there are some text like when that crazy smoking rabbit talks to you. I have no idea what he´s saying.
I've been told that the WD/Spaz PSX release, aside from having a goofy translation, actually had the gameplay altered so that using weapons consumes the spirit gauge. The very idea makes me want to vomit. :puke:
No, it was made harder. WD didn't like the fact you could use the weapons for free, and modified the game so they consume the spirit gauge as ammo. And some of the best weapons EAT the gauge darn quickly (e.g., the dragon beam).

In the Japanese version, the spirit merely controls the weapon's strength, and is decreased when you are hit by attacks from the same color as your current one.

They also made all weapons a LOT more expensive, forcing you to keep arsing around the levels, beating dead horses for money, something you weren't required to in the original version, where you eventually get enough money to buy upgrades.