as far as i remeber and from lookin at my christmas nights disk NIghts shouldnt have any slow down but yet i recorded nights and its slow as a goat i dont understand could it be the media im using or could it be the bin file was bad or something

im thinking more on the lines of the bad media but hey who knows

hopefully one of u guys can help me out

Sorry man, your grammer is non-exsistent and I can't understand what you are trying to say...

If it's "why does Nights run slowly", then it's nothing to do with bad media or a bad rip - these two problems will only ever lead to the game not working at all, or the game crashing at some point.

If you think it's slow, then that is just the game's natural speed - I can think of anything that'll make it slower.
I have no idea why it would be so slow, but I can say to you that, on my original copy of Nights, it runs at a much higher frame rate the christmas nights, and the rezolution and textures are better also. If you cant get a good burned copy, get an original off of ebay, they sell with the 3d control, never opened, for like $10.
I have the original Nights and it runs perfectly. (there is a little slowdown when there is fog on the forest level, but not much else). Maybe you burned a beta version. I know there is one, some magazine got a beta of Nights to try. I heard it had a code so you could play all levels in two player mode!
Huh? 2 player mode in all levels? Sounds strange, but neat just the same. Hmmm, maybe Ill burn a copy to try and find that beta.
that was a straight bin/cue rip from and original cd that you got from me steve

im sure the original runs fine, ill check the copy by burning it again, but i need to get some cdr's first
yeah imi playing on a US saturn that could be it ill have to llook for a us version of nights to see if it does the same do you know anyone that has it?
Not quite related to the original question, but I remember when I first saw a Saturn in action at a friend's house running NiGHTS.

Being used to rock-solid rates of 50fps on most 2D games of the time, I thought: "If this is how fluid 3D games can get, then this 3D stuff has no future".

Of course this was about 5 years ago. At the time I thought that 3D was killing the console supremacy because it ran on consoles as slowly as on home PCs. But that's another story... :)