SMD and BIN Roms convert to 32X

I have bit of a problem when i download 32x roms to play it couldn't read them! They have to be an extention xxx.32x not xxx.smd or xxx.bin

I have tryed renameing the extention of the file this hasn't worked what should i do???
You need GoodGen.

You may also need a few other files to make it work, but that should be spelled out in the readme file for this program.
There's a bunch of SMD>BIN converters out there - Like Curtis said, GoodGen will do the trick. Once you've got everything in BIN format, just change the extensions from .bin to .32x. That's it.
Thanks for the input! It works, now to play all the games!
I downloaded goodgen, now it asks for zlib.dll! I have looked in the help file and got no idea what it still is! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help me!

You need ZLIB.DLL. You already have it if you have mame32 or any number of other programs. If you need it, goto any search engine and type in 'zlib'.

Exactly how hard did you look in the help file?
I am a total dumb git! I do not know how to use dos! Right i have put all of my 32x roms in the goodgen directory. But they won't convert!

I have tried using [Scan[d]|convert], this doesn't work! Please help because it is very fustrating!