i have been hammering snatcher trying to complete it. I know my burn is sheeeite because its an iso/mp3 and we all know about the iso/mp3 synching problems of snatcher. I cant be buggered to re do the CD and i am going to have a hunt for the bin/cue version evenually when ican pin down a broadband line for a weekend. On the part where the engineer is about to become brown bread it sticks. Not uncommon for my copy but it usully sorts itself out after a couple of hours of playing mechwarrior 3, UT or something else on my PC while i wait. I wanna know how it ends!!!!!!!! can someone either tell me what happens or how to skip this sticking part?
Thats ok, hooked up with megametal in IRC and sorted out my burning and synch woes. Re burnt all my games so they work right exept snatcher. I'm missing track 12. Megametal your a star!!!

by the way is it agains the rules to ask for a missing track?