Snatcher ISO+Mp3 Freezing problems


I downloaded the Snatcher ISO+Mp3, and it works beautifully up until the screen that says "Act 1: Snatch". Does anybody have any ideas? I can't sit and watch that incredible intro, and then not get to play the game! =D

I'm using the GENS emulator, and the American BIOS and game. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

How are the iso and mp3 files named?

They should be something like this:


Snatcher 02.mp3

Snatcher 03.mp3

Snatcher 04.mp3

and so on.
maybe the iso is corrupted.....maybe

i think what gallstaff means by the sync problem is,the speech not in sync with the can cause the game to freeze.

also you may not have all the mp3 files.some games will freeze or just not load at all if your missing an mp3 or two.

i think snatcher should have 20 mp3 files.but i may be wrong.

if all else fails,sit back relax,and have a beer or two.
At the risk of sounding like a broken record, I'm willing to bet the MP3s are incorrect lengths. Snatcher makes some interesting use of the track lengths, and I've seen it lock Gens up when they're off.
You know, now that I think of it, that probably IS the problem, becuase the scene right before that, the one that shows the Junker Headquarters, doesn't have any sound.

I have 20 mp3s in the folder, though. So the problem's most likely to be incorrect track length / "sync problem".

Thanks for the info, everybody. I didn't know that could lock up the game, but apparently it can. Sega CD emulation is a tricky business.

Ah well.
Originally posted by cornersheep@Sep. 09 2002, 8:28 pm

Sega CD emulation is a tricky business.

Sega CD emulation tricky? Not really...

Snatcher emulation tricky? It certainly has a few quirks.