Snatcher (SegaCD) Voice extractor???


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Snatcher (SegaCD)

I need to know if there's some tool that enables me to extract/convert the speech/voiceacting in this game into some other sound format (WAV hopefully)

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Contact me if you can help out with the voice extracting
Speech/voices on the Sega CD version is stored on CD-DA. It shouldn't be hard to extract those audio tracks (starting from track 6 onward). It's just like ripping a music CD.
Only the major cutscenes are in CDDA. The majority of the dialogues is in lower quality PCM, I think.

If the game uses individual audio files for each dialogue, you can try opening them in a good audio editor (like CoolEdit, SoundForge, etc) and test the various RAW/PCM settings to see if one of them can decode the file.

On the Saturn, I found many games where I could open the audio files using certain RAW settings (I could get the soundfont Panzer Dragoon Saga uses for it music tracks, as example).