SNES AV cable

SNES and N64 AV cables are the same, so you can use the N64 AV cable with the SNES and vice-versa. You can also order them from Nintendo direct or get them at local stores usually.
Quote: from Captian Crazy on 10:32 pm on April 18, 2001

i have a Rfu apapter i want to know about Av i read it a uder the N64 Section...

i was referring to the A/V cables, dillhole.

if the rf is the same for both of them then the A/V is.

i really wish we had an age restriction on this board...or perhaps a mandatory IQ test before registering.
"if the rf is the same for both of them then the A/V is"

Don't know where you got that idea... SNES (at least the old model) has a dedicated RF output jack seperate from the multi AV output jack. N64, on the other hand, does not.
that was in reference to the model 2.

my super famicom also uses the same A/V cable that the N64 uses...

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Thazz the way my SNES is, got a lil' RCA jack for the RF. I'm glad to hear that the n64 AV cable may work. I'm gonna head off to FuncoLand and check it out.
And if you want to get really technical then the n64 rf cable IS the nes rf cable with a little dongle to convert that rca jack to the n64's plug. Nintendo has used the original rf adapter from the NES in both the snes and n64. Heck it even says NES on the #### thing.
i ordered an n64 svideo cable directly from nintendo. they sent it to me, i opened it and it said SNES across it. i called back up, saying, well i ordered an64, this one fits, and works but its not really what i orderd, the guy appologized (i got the same customer rep both times, weird.) and said to just keep that one, and hed send me the RIGHT one, that shipping f'ed up. so a week later ANOTHER snes cable. i call and get the same guy AGAIN. (do they only have 1 operator?) and he tranfsers me to his supervisor, she says they are the same cable, and if i could just send back the most recent cable they sent me, it would be appreciated. HAH YEAH RIGHT. sold that sucka on ebay.

so yes. they are the same cable.