SNES Troubles

Jaded God

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I didn't know where to post this so plz just move to appropriate thread if need be, also I know this is sega xtreme but I was just wondering if anyone could help me...

I have a SNES that plays great, the first controller port is fine, but when I plug a second controller into the second slot all games bug out, it presses start for me automatically and moves the controller all different ways on the screen. I have tried 3+ different controllers and still no luck. I am kind of strapped on cash so I would like to try and fix it instead of just buying a new one... Thanks for future insight.
mabey something is wrong with the connector - if you can take it out see if all the contacts are in the right place and not touching each other

if its a board error then i dont think you can do much
Im not too kean with the insides of super nintendos so when I take it apart what should I look for specifically m8.. Thanks.