SNK vs Capcom MVS release date?

Has anyone heard when this will be? It was announced ot be released this year so I imagine we should be hearing about it soon but all anyone's been talking about is KOF2002.
It was on their 2002 release list along with Rage of Dragons and KOF 2002. They had a poster for Rage of Dragons announcing all three games. On top of that wynd, who'd pretty trustworthy as Neo info goes, said that part of the reason KOF 2001 was so rushed was because the new company was more focused on the 2002 projects at the time (probably why KOF 2002 looks to be REALLY good).

I don't think it's a hoax since t was on the Rage of Dragon's poster.
hmmm, if it does come out on the mvs I will be the first one to buy it.