So...Now what?

Thought it might be interesting to post this here. Seeing as though we are all SEGA fans, what system (PS2, NGC, Xbox) will you be picking up?

For me, the thought of missing out on the next Jet Set Radio and Panzer Dragoon were enough to make me pre-order the Xbox. (Of course there are other reasons but these are my most anticipated games) I might pick up a NGC sometime next year... maybe. As far as the PS2 is concerned...probably never...Just don't like it. How about you guys?

BTW, have you guys seen DOA3? WOW!
Dunno, only time (and games) will tell, but I'm guessing the big, bad Box. And like Zero 9, that'll prolly be much, MUCH later also.
Well, almost everything :). Everything is determined by chance, remember that.

I've been to that site before, but I've never took the liberty to bookmark it. I visit message boards more than any other type of sites out there. Also, I happen to love those types of sites where they throw out a lot of numbers and technical terms at you. Once you've read enough of it, you'll either get a headache or get enlightened.
I won't get anything at this time. a gamecube later, although I don't like the fact that I'll have to shell out 200$ extra for a YUV->RGB converter, unless I buy a complete new TV.
ill first pickup all the old systems im after THEN an ONLY then will i even think about gettin a new 1....forsure a gamecube tho an maybe a xbox if Panzer Dragoon saga II or woteva its called is on it...halo is alsoa good game but Microshit killed it when they bought bungie and made it an "xbox exclusive" fukin bastards
I'm getting a Sega CD in two weeks. Hopefully a Dreamcast in about a month (for my birthday :)), I want to get a PS2 (take a wild guess why ;) :)). and something deep inside me urges me for the XBOX, and yet I don't know what. I'm only interested in GameCube, because it marks the LONG awaited return of one of the greatest game characters and greatest Nintendo character ever: Samus Aran. Metroid Prime is the only reason I would want a GameCube. As for Metroid IV, I'll just get a GBA emulator, and the ROM when the game is released. :)

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I'm not getting X-Box or GC at launch due to general lack of money, and because Nintendo usually doesn't have the must-have games out until the second generation. PS2, barring a massive price drop, isn't in the near future either. It may be, though, that the first system I get after finding some income will be a Turbo Duo :).
I can't believe some of you! How can you even consider a XBox? Tut Tut!

It's GameCube all the way for me. With Nintendo, Sonic Team (Exclusive!!!), Capcom (RE 0, 1, 2, 3 and 4: all exclusive) and Namco and a few others developing for the GC, its just going to own.

It's cheaper, its a console rather than a mini pc and its not made by either Microsoft or Sony!

I know its ultimately the games that will make you buy a system, but I can happily survive with Mario, Zelda, Sonic, NiGHTS, RE, Tekken 4 and Soul Calibur... and lets not forget SSX Tricky, 1080 2, Rogue Leader, Pikmin and Super Smash Brothers Melee.

Viva le GameCube!

Seeing the picture ngc should be called lunchcube.

The next console I want is a sega nomad, now that I finally have a sega cdx!

What'd you call the XBox then? The XBox should the same size as its Debug Kit shown here:

I'll definitely be getting an X-Box. The Saturn and Dreamcast are my 2 favorite consoles and it looks like most of the developers for those systems will be making games for the X-Box. Have fun playing Mario and Final Fantasy while I play DOA3, Panzer Dragoon?, and Halo!
I'm getting both a Game Cube and an X-Box. I love games, and I don't want to miss out on any. And I'm luck enough that I can afford it. I'll definitely pick both up on the US launch dates, and I'll probably import a Panasonic GC as soon as they become available.

What I REALLY want right now though is a NEC PC-FX. I'd be psyched if I could get one of those.
Quote: from Gear on 1:33 am on Sep. 20, 2001

Seeing the picture ngc should be called lunchcube.

The next console I want is a sega nomad, now that I finally have a sega cdx!

Ahhh... to be able to play (the Genesis) Sonic 2 anywhere I want... Man, that would be sweet!