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Ban Hammered
I understand that some of you seem to not agree with some of my posts and want to see me removed from this forum. Let me throw an idea by you real fast. If you have a problem with ME, take the problem up with ME. Don't hide behind the moderators just because you cant handle a little lambasting. If you take offense to something i say, try sending me a "pm", its this feature on the message board, where you can send a message to a specific person, and they can read it, its pretty damn cool! Anyway its 3:34am, i am now going to bed, night.
I doubt anyone wants you to be banned. I imagine people would prefer it if you toned down the way you post sometimes.
ok we have some people aparently that think we aren't tolerant enough and now we have people that want anyone they don't get along with banned?
The joys of admin and mod responsibility.
Jurai, if you could fix the problem of not being negative in just about every post you could change the world.

It's like you have a big chip on your shoulder.

Tell us whats bothering you in your life. Let it out brother!

this has always been a place i go to ramble about my problems so go ahead jurai. Im all good right now and everything is going well for me so that's why i haven't made one of those posts in a long time.
I'm back... at long last!
And here's my first post... a response to Juraigate ... My personal opinion...

Jurai, you annoyed me once by attacking ClassicSega, and yeah, I wish you wouldn't ALWAYS be negative and mean, but... somehow you're cool, and I'm cool with you too. Hey, I can forgive and forget, and if we all do that, SX will be so much of a nicer place

"whatever" right? :puke:
Well as far as it goes, you can say whatever you want, short of personal attacks, and I have no problem. Your opinion is just that, your opinion. It doesn't have to be the same as everyone else's. In fact, it doesn't seem to be the same as anyone else's very often, and is usually quite negative. But that's your prerogative. This isn't "Sega Shiny Happy People Extreme", is it?

Anyone who doesn't agree with you just has to skip over your posts. No big deal.

Problem solved. But no need to be banned.

Now if you start talking about burning DC games!!
I'm certainly not gonna hide behind any mods and just tell you straight out:


you annoy me.

you are one pitiful clown, attempting to stir up shit by senseless postings (which are strangely fixated on homosexuality) cause that's apparently the only way you ever get any attention.

since you don't like what people post here, what people say about you, or like yourself for that matter, I recommend you take a rope to the attic and hang out there for a while.
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