Some Dreamcast & PSX games forsale

Some Dreamcast & PSX games forsale


Conflict Zone $12 (on hold)

Elemental Gimmick Gear $5

Evolution: The World of Sacred Device $12

Fighting Force 2 $10

Grand Theft Auto 2 $10 (on hold)

Grandia II $20

Headhunter $28

Ikaruga $40

Illbleed $8

Last Blade 2 $30

Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver $12

Maken X $10

NFL 2K1 (Sealed) $5

Phantasy Star Online Volume 1 (sealed) $20

Prince Of Persia: Arabian Nights (Sealed) $15

Rayman 2 $10

Record Of Lodoss War $12

Rippin' Riders $8

Seventh Cross Evolution $8

Shenmue $15

Shenmue II $40

Skies Of Arcadia $30

Sonic Adventure 2 case & demo only $2

Stupid Invaders $10 (on hold)

Super Runabout Jap, no spine card $8

Sword Of The Berserk: Guts' Rage $10

Time Stalkers $8

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear $8 (on hold)

Tomb Raider: Chronicles $10

Toy Commander $10

Wild Metal $5

Zombie Revenge $7


007 Racing $7

Alundra $10

Ball Blazer Champions $6

Battle Arena Toshinden (longbox) $5

Beyblade (sealed) $8

Big Air $5

Blast Lacrosse (sealed) $25

Blaster Master Blasting Again $8

Breath of Fire III $20

Broken Sword $10

Brunswick Circuit Pro Bowling $15

Brunswick Circuit Pro Bowling 2 (sealed) $40

Chessmaster 3-D, The (longbox) $15

Civilization II $12

Courier Crisis $5

Cyberia (long box) $5

D (longbox) $15

Dance Dance Revolution Konamix $20 (also have pads avail)

Dukes of Hazzard II: Daisy Dukes It Out, The $7

Fear Effect (sealed) $10

Final Fantasy Tactics $15

Final Fantasy Tactics (GH disc in the original case) $15

Galaga Destination Earth $7

Gubble $7 (on hold)

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure $8

Kileak: The DNA Imperative (longbox) $5

Lethal Enforcers I & II $20 (on hold)

Lode Runner (sealed) $6

Lunar 2: Eternal Blue Complete (missing the mini standees) $45

Metal Gear Solid $18

Metal Gear Solid: VR Missions $8

Metal Slug X $30 (on hold)

Micro Maniacs Racing $10

Moto Racer World Tour $5

Oddworld: Abe's Exoddus $8

Parasite Eve $10

Parasite Eve II $10

Resident Evil (Long box no manual) $18

Resident Evil 3 $10

Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure $40

Rise 2 Resurrection (sealed) $5

RPG Maker (missing manual) $12

Silhouette Mirage $10

Spider-Man 2 Enter: Electro $15

Starwinder: The Ultimate Space Race $6

Syphon Filter 2 $12

Tales Of Destiny $25

Tenchu 2 (sealed) $10

Test Drive 4 $6

Tetris Plus (gh version) $16

Theme Park $15

Time Commando $5

Tokyo Highway Battle $5

Tomorrow Never Dies $9

Vampire Hunter D $18

WCW/NWO Thunder $5


Armored Core 3 $25

Wild Arms 3 $25 or $35 with Guide

Turbo Duo:

Dragon Slayer $45

Efera & Jiliora (PCE)$10

Ys III (PCE) $15

Jackie Chan (PCE) $8


cart only:

Doom (on hold)

Zaxxon's Motherbase 2000

$10 for both

Prices do not include shipping. I'm flexible on some, others I'm pretty firm on. Pictures available upon request. Please PM or email offers to:

Thanks for looking!


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Some Dreamcast & PSX games forsale

You have kileak for playstation lol, I'm sorry. I'm really sorry for you.

Edit: I have a friend that may be interested in doom for 32x can you hold it for me for like 24 hours?
Some Dreamcast & PSX games forsale

LOL :blush: Yeah it was a longbox game. Couldn't resist. Didn't pay much for it thou, and didn't play much with it either, is why I'm selling it.

Consider Doom on hold of the next 24 hours. I have no way to tell if it works thou. I found it recently I haven't got a 32x to test either of them on. Both the 32x games are cart only thou. But they're in good shape.