Something wrong with my segacd

My Sega CD model 2 is having some troubles playing some games that i burned. They run fine on Gens (using the same BIOS that is on my model 2 SCD) Is my laser in need of cleaning?
It really depends, does your Sega CD play regular games OK? If the answer is yes, try burning the games again, this time at a slower speed, 4x or under.

Alot of times, game systems can't read games burnt at a high speed too well, and this can cause problems.

If the answer is "no" try cleaning the lens and the discs and see if that helps.

Of course it *could* be that your model 2 is going out, this is unlikely, but since mine died several months ago I thought I'd mention the possibility, the model 2 isn't as well built as the first model (which I now have
) Or the CDX, it seems that the model 2's have a high demise rate
I would have to say that the lens is dirty. I have a model 1 and had to clean the lens once and it worked great after that. I burn my games at 10x and have never had a problem with requards to that. Best way to clean is would be q-tip and alcohol. Be glad you have a Model 2 the Model 1 is a bitch to get apart and very complicated inside.
Originally posted by Agent21KGB@May 28 2002,16:22

Be glad you have a Model 2 the Model 1 is a bitch to get apart and very complicated inside.

They aren't THAT bad to work on

I have owned both the model two and the model one, and I have only good things to say about the model one.

The 1's may be more complex on the inside than the model 2, but IMHO the model two is built cheap like a PS, and no matter how well you take care of it it's probably going to fail.

You can also use CD cleaning discs to clean your lens.
I know I'm not the only one who has model 1 Sega CDs with the white ribbon in the center between the lens and connector on board. This is the main downfall of the model 1s in my opinion. Unlike the Sega Saturn's ribbon which has a thin piece of metal (thin like a stapler) to help hold the bottom in place, the model 1 is free roaming and therefore, it has a tendency to bend and this causes seek and track problems within the drive. The bend of the ribbon is the result of it getting caught at the top end of the back of the cd drive and that causes problems when the lens seeks as it can't go to the back and front as free as it used to and it continually bends up and gets after that very first time. Not all model 1 cd drives are designed like this and of course will not suffer from this problem, though. For me, though, 4 out of 5 cd drives are designed like this (and three of those drive ribbons are in bent condition.) Of those 4 with the ribbon drive, 2 of them are definitely broken and beyond repair.