Sonic Jam, yes yes yall

Just wondering if anyone has tried to take Sonic Jam apart and see if the "roms" are replaceable. I know its been done with Phantasy Star Collection, with no success, But I've never heard of anyone trying with Sonic any info?
As with PSC, I suspect the "roms" are nothing like their MD/SMS counterparts. That is, they are split up and reprogrammed to make them work with the CD drive. In addition, they have likely been recompiled to some extent to work with the Hitachi processors in the Saturn.

I don't know this for fact, but logic would dictate these answers.
A quick look on the Sonic Jam CD contents answers your question: there are much more files than it was supposed to be.

Also, there are a buncha AIF/SND files, and those are the games' music. Seems Sega didn't want to go into the trouble of emulating the Genesis sound processor, and used pre-recorded audio instead.

I would like to point out that full speed ,

100% accurate emulation is not achieved

on the dreamcast (the sound emu of sega smash pack sucks).

Considering the horsepower of the saturn,

I sincerely think this is a "port", and not an emulation.
the sonic games certainly were reprogrammed for the saturn.

alot of the sound effects in the megadrive version have been replaced in the saturn version. when i say replaced i dont jsut mean that sound slightly different i mean alot. this to me is a sure sign that is has been reprogrammed.

if it were a rom then it would identical in every way to the original would it not?
Not necessarily - many of the older emulators sounded nothing like the original games, although in this case you are correct.
Is there a way to emulate the original sound effects for 16 bit games? Why is it that the music remains the same, although some sound effects are changed? Do the newer systems, (or pcs) not have the sound channl used to make the original sound?
that smash pack was so damn weak...i didnt know that sonic jam was so different? owning all the originals i didnt see much reason to try the jam pack, but now im convinced to check it out.
the first clue you get about what's going on behind the visuals in sonic jam is by listening to sound closely. has anyone noticed that some samples (jumping f.e.) sound much clearer than others (spin-dash a.s.o.) ? :