Sonic Xtreme Beta (?)

Hi! I guess you all know about the never released, but still so good looking game Sonic Xtreme. Well, my question is, was this game ever playable at E3 or Tokyo Game Show? If so, is it possible that a "Sonic Xtreme Beta"-cd exists out there? Has anyone ever dumped that beta? (no, this is not an iso-request). That would be really great! =)

Thanks beforehand.
I think think there is a beta somewhere, but someone said there isn´t. I dont really know, but once i mailed Sega about it and they said that Demos from E3 and the likes are only for those speciall occasions and are not sold or gettable. The problem with mailing to Sega is that they always avoid to answer any questions.

There is a movie file from it circulating the net. I have some screenshots from it at my page :

I would love to see it released! I read that the beta version had four levels.
I think I'd rather not see it released. It either wouldn't play too much like a Sonic game, or it would fail miserably trying to be speedy. The Dreamcast struggles at times with the speed of the Sonic Adventure games, if the Saturn one played in a similar way it would be cringe-inducing visually.
Well, I don't think I can agree on that. =)

By looking at the screens from Sonic Xtreme you can easily notice that the game was quite a lot different from Sonic Adventure. Just have a look at the "2d+3d level design"! Sonic Xtreme looks more like the worthy sequel to Sonic 3.
Their are a few rumors around the net saying it was playable at E3, I however doubt this very highly. This is mainly due to the well known fact that the saturn builds of the game were all very incomplete, and would certainly not make a good impression on anyone that played them. The boss battles were much farther along then the basic levels, so perhaps one of them was playable, but its doubtful. If you want information on sonicXtreme, you can get pretty much all of it here.
I think it would be interesting to try a beta to see what the game may have been like.

I'm not going to hold my breath though.
Originally posted by racketboy@Sep. 23 2002, 4:17 pm

It looks a little like a "fast" version of Bug! w/ Sonic, of course

Urgh! I remember thinking Bug! was cool - for about 5 minutes before the frustration and intense boredom set in.
I was thinking... I have that Sonic Collection for the Saturn.. can't think of the name... but they have a small little 3-D sonic game built in...and if I remember correctly.. it was done by the ppl who was working on Sonic Extreme.. that they didn't want all there work to goto waste.. so they just included that one small level... but I was thinking... if Sonic Extreme was anything like that 3-D Sonic game in that sonic collection.. then I am glad the game wasn't released.. =
Go have a look at the preview movie on the page Fabrizo linked to to get a view of how the game would have played. It was supposed to be more like the 2D Sonic games except in a 3D environment.