Soundlbaster problems


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I accidently lost my driver cd for my soundblaster live 5.1 I Just got and I need to download some driver action becuae I need sound. I tried em from creative's site but it doesnt list just a normal 5.1 it has all these different kinds. On the card itself it says digital but the digital one on their site says (dell) next to it.

I've looked in other places but I just cant find a dirver that will recoginize my card. DO you guys know where I can get them or what I should do?
They don't....

Any suggestions? It says no soundblaster can be found but i know that I have it installed the right way cause it comes up under add/remove hardware.
did you look on the card itself for the model # or anything?

that might help.

I would think XP would have it's own driver.
Creatives drivers suck. I don't know of an alternative though, except maybe to buy a newer sound card. the 5.1's are several years old now. You might try the game surround fortissimo 7.1... it's not too much money, it's 7.1, and I think it sounds better than my audigy did.
I just got a Turtle Beach Santa Cruz at CompUSA on sale for $40 (1/2 off).

Although Circuit City has a rebate. "Supposedly" you can get CC to pricematch CompUSA and then get the rebate and effectively get it for $6.

I'm too lazy to do all that though :(
how and when did this problem originate? did your pc just say, "sound card? what sound card?" when you started it up?

This sounds like a problem with the card or pc, rather than the drivers to me.

Try uninstalling the drivers completely, reseating the card, and installing any appropriate live 5.1 drivers on creative's webspace.

I keep hearing good things about Turtle Beach cards.... maybe i should look into it.
I dont even have any other drivers installed I dont have any sound at all. The thing wont even come up in the bios yet windows detects the creative SB LIVE! gameport.

it comes up twice as multimedia audio controller but it says I got no drivers for it (which is true)

I guess the first one is onboard sound maybe and the second one is the card or whatever.
ok -- did you try looking for a model # on the card yet?

that will probably help find drivers.

I've found some very obscure sound drivers by just googling the model # plus "windows 2000 drivers"
I did and it is model number Sb0220 i've searched and they all say that no soundblaster device can be found on my computer and i have no idea why if it is installed coreectly and comes up in deice manager in some way or another.