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I know several people here have migrated to XP already, and I'm planning to do it too, but I'm aware there are many unwanted components that come with XP. Question is, does anyone know of a site or sites that list all of these programs?

Thanks in advance.
I don't know of a site that lists them directly, but you should try wxw.tweakxp.c0m

There are alot of good info and tips/tweaks for XP!
first thing you do is shut off the damn eye candy its what causes Xp to run slow and boot slow. here is meh own little step by step...

step 1. right click on "My Computer"

step 2. click on properties

step 3. scroll over and click on the advanced tab

step 4. click on performance options

the rest is explanitory.
just click on set for best performance
Go into the windows folder and then into the inf folder. Find and make a backup of the file sysoc.inf.

Now open the file in notepad.

Look for all the lines like this one that have the hide word near the end (it may be in capitals but that doesn't matter)


Now change all the line like that by removing the hide word so it looks like this


Save the file (please make sure you made a backup first). Now go into the Add/Remove applet in control panel. Go into Add/Remove Windows Components and you should see a whole bunch of extra things that you can add or remove.

Make any changes you want. Then once you are done un/installing them copy the backup file back over the edited one.


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WOW, gameboy... that's a fantastically easy way of enabling more Add/Remove components and customize XP.... Almost too easy...

You see, the wonderful guys behind 98 lite are working on an XP/2000 Lite installer with the same goal... add custom .inf files to enable (de)installation of many more components, including IE and other low-level stuff, that XP would normally not allow; even allowing a fresh install of the OS "lite."

I use 98SE (lite, of course) and don't see myself upgrading to XP anytime soon, but I'm curious: what add/remove components do show up after your little .inf modification trick?