Does anyone know if SSF works on XP? I'm getting the missing dll file message that I'm told means you need a higher version of directX, which I have.
Get a *working* WNASPI32.DLL. I just installed Win2K, and got the one from Adaptec, and no emulator could find the CD-ROMs with it. So I tossed it and overwrite it with some other one I that I found in the Nero folder.

Go to Google and search for WNASPI32.DLL, you might strumble upon several different versions. One might work.
What do you mean when you say overwrite? Because when I did the adaptec download it had a batch file which intergrated it into my windows drivers files. Do I need to do that manually now? or can I just download it in any folder?
i would suggest getting the newest version of nero burning rom (new demos at and installing it. i could seem to get aspi working for me until i installed nero.
Or you could just search google for "forceaspi" if you don't like Nero or it's aspi driver. I had the same problem as you, 4.3 wouldn't recognize some of my drives, but forceaspi(which includes v4.2 of adaptec's drivers) worked fine in both 2k and xp.

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I've tried a whole bunch of different ASPI repair kits (adaptec, nero, forceASPI) and Im still getting this "no CD drive that can be used" message. I had the "failed in reading WNASPI32.DLL" before, installed a driver from adaptec and it went to the no CD error message. I'm running out of things to try. Could this problem resolve itself when I actually put a game in the CD drive? I am getting the thing for xmas and I was hopping to have the emu all set up in time, but if the fact that it needs a game to run is the problem, then I will wait.
Yeah, I had heard that Shining Force comes out alright on SSF, but is there a better emulator out there? If its really bad I will just buy a used saturn.
you'd feel better if you buy one... if you you use it connected to a good big tv, and to a good audio system, you won't get any better from the system...

It may be playable, but I'm almost sure, that you won't be able to do something because you're playing it in the emu... just remember saturn's emus are not like other system's emu, which are good emu's (fast and reliable)....
This thing is driving me nuts, I think I've finally got the ASPI thing working right, but it just keeps on going down the error list, I'm on my third new error message failed in reading file. I used force aspi. Is this still an aspi problem or is it something else, Ive got the disk right here waiting to be played...
With all the grief this is causing , I'd get a second hand Saturn as soon as possible.

No ASPI problems then.
Alright got the whole goddamn thing working... if thats what you would call it... I am definetly going to buy a saturn, how much will that set me back about 50? Any suggestions where I should buy it? I've got ebay, used video game stores and the good old want adds.
now I have a weird French error code it says "Opcode inconnue" and I translated it to English and it says "Unknown Opcode" (by the I used Google Translate)
:hmmmm: idk how to fix it?