Steel Battalion FOR SALE!

I am selling my steel battalion game for the xbox together with the HUGE 45 button, 2 big analog stick and pedals controller. Its a complete set. Nothing is missing. The nomal price (if you find it anywhere, which i doubt, unless its in stock or forgot somewhere) is 250 euros new. I am giving it for 150. The game disc is excellent and carried not even a single scratch. Of course, there is the game manual and the game box as well. Everything is perfect and in full working order.

I can post pics upon request. The game is PAL.

i can ship anywhere, as long as you pay the shipping price. The controller will work on any xbox, so if anyone is looking for a way to get a controller for his NTSC xbox, this is a good deal, since the game is already sold out.
shipping in europe can be between 30-45. I am going to weight the whole package and let you know acurately in some hours ok? It could be less too. We are talking about airmail now which is fast.
This is a picture of the game :