Strange error...

Hi everyone, now that I'm able to burn Saturn games, I've been getting a lot. However, I just tried to burn and play 2 (Magic Knight Rayearth and Panzer Dragoon Saga, in case this helps). The beginning movie and credits play fine, but when I push start I go to the music screen and I believe it says "disc unsuitable for system", or something like that. It does not say GAME DISC, just DISC.

Precautions I took the 2nd time burning Panzer Dragoon (disc 1, btw)

-When using Easy CD Creator 95, I ran a test, closed the CD after recording, closed all other programs, and recorded in Mode1.

-I re-extracted and re-iso'ed the game file. Could there be a problem with me converting it from a bin to an iso?

-The strangest piece, again, is that the game loads and the movie plays, then it goes to the music screen.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!