street fighter v

i just watched this whole series yesterday when i should have been studying (now i have to study at work) -- my question is does this series follow the plot of one of the games or is it sort of a mutation -- i remeber beating the original street fighter 2 with chun li and i thought it said she was on a quest to find who killed her father and in this series hes alive

actualy at the end of this bison goes to bangkok so was this suposed to be a prequal to the game?
If I recall, the SF V anime is placed somewhere between Alpha and II, but with several plot tweaks. Isn't the char design of that series deviously bishounen, like yaoi doujinshi artwork? It creeped the heck out of me ^^;
i didnt like the style inparticular ( im more of the old style fan (not 70s old) like the way things were drawn in the 80s (buble gum crisis- macross- etc.) -- the streek at the edge of they eye anoys me but there so much anime like that now so i have to look past that

but i didnt see it as gay in any way

-- i dont pay attention to anything that is gay - and i gues i will continue to do so (no matter what they say is a compelling story) so "other " stories won't be ruined for me like this was for you - i gues

i dont know what you mean by fan art looking unless its the kind of deformed looking muscle bodies

so what was the tweak ?