Stuff to sell

I've posted this before, but I had orignally had been looking to sell it all at once. Since that hasn't worked, I've decided to sell each individaully.

They are reasonably priced.

Note: All games are origninals (not backups)

Note: All games are in VERY good condition (The exception is the Grandia case, which has a crack. Anyone could easily replace the case though).

Note: All games are japanese unless noted.

Note: Buyer must pay for shipping.

Note: I will only be shipping within the US and Canada. Sorry

Sakura Wars (2 cd with case, booklet, folding map/poster, new release insert, and spine card.) $15

Sakura Wars 2 (3cd with case and case jacket, booklet, folding map/poster, new release insert, and spine card). I believe this is the limited edition version. $20

Kakyusei (3cd with case, booklet, spine card, registration card, and promotional insert). $20

Policenauts (3 cd with case and case jacket (the cool black one), art book, spine card, booklet). $25

Gulliver Boy (2cd with case, booklet, spine card, folding map, and registration card). $15

Lunar: Silver Star Story (1cd with case, booklet, spine card).

*Yes, the saturn version is only 1 cd* $15

Lunar: Eternal Blue (2cd with case, booklet, spine carad, and folding map with skill list on the back). $20

*Yes the saturn version is ony 2 cds*

Black Matrix (1 cd with case, booklet and spine card). $15

Anearth Fantasy Stories (1 cd with case, booklet and spine card). $15

Airs Adventures (1 cd with case, booklet and spine card). $5 (This game sucks, so buyers beware).

Christmas Nights (1 cd with no case) and Nights w/3D controller and box (1 cd with case and booklet)

*US Versions* $25

NHL Powerplay 96 (1 cd with no case).

*US Version* $5

EVE Burst Error (4cd with case, booklet, character portrait booklet, registration card). $25

Blue Breaker (1 cd with case, booklet). $15

Grandia (2cd with case, booklet, mini-walkthrough booklet). Crack in the case in the upper right corner*Not limited Edition* $15

Waku Waku Puyo Puyo RPG (1cd with case, booklet) $15

*SOLD * 1 Meg expansion card and 4 meg expansion card (two different cards)

$15, and you can have both of them.

Note: These are just the RAM expansions. They are not 4 in 1 or 6 in 1 cards.

Anyway, PM me, post in this thread, or email me if your interested.

Dropped prices for most items, hoping that it will cause people to buy multiple games.

Also, I added the 3D Controller for Nights.

Policenauts is on hold though, till I get confirmation from the person who wishes to buy it.

Hmm, would you be willing to part with Xmas Nights w/o Nights?

Sorry for the late reply. Anyway, if your still interested, that would be fine. Just PM me with what price you think the individual item is worth.

this is my first post but I would be interested in Black Matrix.

If you want some proof as to my honesty, look up the ebay identity thepalesaint.