Stupid Little thing for Sega and Tocom boxes...

Long ago if you had a brown "Tocom" box from cox cable. You will see a port in the back....hmm what happens if you plug in:

A: Attach NES Power Glove

B: Attack a Sega controller that has LED

C: Attach it to the sega unit itself....

I dont know about you but I got some interesting One of which I had a pre program that let my controller change channels lol
But you called me a dork.....I mearly posted some interesting info that I DONT think many people tried when they had a tocom box....
Cynnamin do you feel that we are getting picked on?

Yes my sis and I are female lol. Anyways Im just wondering what else can be plugged in to what lol
LOL nono I think he likes "Double" (as in twins) cherry pie. LOL However one must be a GOOD boy for that and MUST supply whipped cream ;) hehehe ANYWAYS....this post is no longer for those under 18. Also you dont HAVE to call me Mysticales....Myst works too =p (If you knew my real name youd know why)
Maybe I should add a locked forum for further discussion of these matters?

Mind you, you ain't gonna find a "good" Arakon.. there's only evil Arakon, ####### Arakon, and pissed Arakon.
Mai non sporchi con un Mistico o sua sorella, altrimenti l'ultima cosa che Lei mai vedrà è una grande rapida espansione! Ci Sempre è una rapida espansione quando viene un mistico!

*If you know Italian opera or songs then you SHOULD be able to read this*
Agg this "reply" was supposed to be here yesterday....looks like it didnt click. =/ I replied saying a Mystic is worse then a #######. The itatalian however is just taking about ppl going BOOM =p