stupid thing i discussed today

What the hell is the point of boxers? i mean it's not like they soak up liquids what the hell is the point.

I keep telling this girl, every time she mentions switching to me, this "boxers are pointless i'll keep with my tighty whites or i'll free ball." She recomended boxer briefs but aren't they basically just whities but with leg parts? she said no but i dont fucking know she said that she thinks they're losser in the croch area.
The way you typed that made almost NO sense.

As for me? I don't wear underwear
When I do wear underwear, I wear briefs (and proud of it too!
I can highly recommend boxer briefs all the way. All the comfort of briefs but without the tight leg openings.
Boxers all the way! The point of boxers is, and i'm not trying to sound pompus here, but if you have big balls then boxers give you the space you need. Free ballin is ok but boxers are just softer and easier on the ass and package areas. Silk boxers are very good if you have the money. Boxer briefs... too constricting if you ask me and briefs give me the BIGGEST wedgie ever.

"oh 50 pair for 39 cents sounds likea deal to me huur hurr"... boy that was a bag of tighties i'll never forget... yeah so those are why i like the boxers. Also know what else is good, long johns. When i go snoboarding i wear those babies cause they are just so damn soft. They are also great to move in. Only when i snoboad though because they fit nicely under my windpants.
ya i second that long johns are the best. i wore them the other day. and sorry about the typing in the previous post i should have added " " and commas and shit like that.
I never wore boxers till my wife (then girlfriend) bought me some. They can be kind comfy, but they can rid up on you -- especially when you pull up your pants or when they shrink. They also are prone to "leakage" if you're not carefull after a bathroom trip. Also uncomfy when sleeping in them.

** I can't believe I'm having this conversation **
My first boxers were some real sharp silk ones, with Fred Flinstone on them, and other Hanna Barbara characters. I wasn't too keen about them, mainly because they were silk, and they rode up all to easily. Anyway, I like them because I need the space. At least i think i do, I haven't been in briefs for a while. What are those boxer-briefs like? I think I'll try some of those.
I first discovered the comfort of boxer briefs when I did a survey sample thing for some company. Some people in the mall came up to me and asked if I wanted to participate. I got two free boxer briefs and $10 for answering some questions after wearing them for 2 weeks (not straight...
). So woo for boxers and their nard room (like leg room, but, well...)
Boxer briefs are definitely the way to go. I wore boxers for a few years, but I had some unfortunate incidents that involved me sitting down too quickly, and plopping all of my weight down onto my balls. That's when I switched to boxer briefs and I couldn't be happier with that choice.

[Edit] I just remembered a story along these lines that was emailed to me recently. It's to long to type here, but you can read it on the crap page where I store my avatar

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lol... of all things...

I must be the black sheep here, I stopped wearing boxers ages ago. I wear black bikini briefs because I find them the most comfortable. Really. Boxers can bunch up on you and generate a lot of heat... it's kind of like wearing a long sleeved shirt under a sweater, only worse. I generally don't like wearing a lot of clothes, so the less I can feel them the better.

Free ballin' is very dangerous with zippers. Although I prefer button flys, I'm also modest/polite enough to not want to show someone a shot of my balls at work. *l*
And now, for the female word on the subject!

Boxers are sexy.

Boxer-briefs are OKAY if they are more comfortable and they aren't white.

Briefs make me think of old hairy fat men. *shiver*

Cute little bikini briefs are good as long as you have the rest of the body to go with them!
I can't say I think they are exactly SEXY because they remind me of my years on swim team but if it suits you....

Now ask me why boxers are sexy and I have NO clue. I guess the same way thongs are sexy. Well, then again... that's not good logic.
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quit trolling[/b][/quote]

I'm not trolling. I'm stating an opinion of these stupid threads. I'm not the only one turned off by "guess what? I eat cantelope todya" threads.