Stv on the saturn

Okay, before you slag this idea, listen closely, the Saturn and the STV/Titan both share the same hardware, although the Saturn has different control maps to the STV. If i used a cartrdie adapter in the expansion port of the saturn that connected to STV carts, i could in theory, write a CD with bridging software on it, possibly containing the STV bios and some basic low level emulation software,...

I would be interested in your input,
It's a nice idea but the execution would be quite difficult.

If you're going to go to such lenghts (cart adaptor and emulation) why not just get an ST-V board and make a supergun?

Anyway, which game is it that you are so keen to play on your Saturn? Many of them were ported to the Saturn.
the ST-V has more RAM (and the st-v carts certainly will not detect the expansion cart). also, the saturn wasn't made to run entire games through the expansion port (although there actually is a rather primitive cart game in japan).

there are some differences in hardware that can't be easily worked around.
Thanks for your replies everyone!, before this forum continues i would like to address some of the things that have been said.

From the information that i have gathered from System 16, the STV contains no more Ram than the saturn does. If anything it utilizes less, because of the lack of buffer space needed to execute data stored in roms. The main drag when it comes to the cart port on the saturn is that, it chews system resources when tranfering Data from the CD and caching it to backup ram, ie Marvel vs S.F. in the case of what i intend to do this is not a problem, as you could use some of the 4kb rom on the SH2's to store some LLE information, (ie to change control maps). This maybe impossible however, as optimized games for saturn already use this cache memory.

Using assembly, it would be possible to create an algorythm to change the control maps for the saturn so they were similar to the STV, but this may have to be implemented in the Firmware, or as a controller chip on the converter cartridge.

The cartridge port really isnt a slouch, it is a full 32bit port, that can hiave DMA access, as well as direct access to the SH1 chip that controls the CD rom. The only trouble with this is that these instructions would have to either be on the STV cart (impossible) or on the converter carts controller chip. (if it need one at all.)

As far as why? why not!, i know that the games have been released for the saturn but, imagine having hi-res games with no-loading times! (if you want hi res than an adapter would have to be made for the saturn

Anyhow, its something to defineatly think about.

Thanks for all of the people who have replied to this msg, please keep the input coming!

Cheers, Berty